Things to Know About the Health Compliance Association

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on March 2012

The Healthcare Compliance Association is a non-profit individual membership association, that provides resources for ethics and compliance professionals in the United States. The Healthcare Compliance Association serves more than 8000 members through all kinds of methods, such as publications, education programs, conferences and professional networks. The Healthcare Compliance Association can also be found on online platforms, that helps professionals become certified in healthcare compliance.

The Healthcare Compliance Association was founded in 1996, as a consequence of a meeting of the Medical Group Management Association. The then-attendees included Roy Snell, then the compliance officer for the Thomas Jefferson University, and Edward Longazel from the University of Pennsylvania. Three years after the first meeting, the number of members increased from 2 to 2000. Today, it serves approximately 10.000 compliance professionals. Here, are included the members of its sister association, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

The Healthcare Compliance Association offers a wide range of services, such as publication and live training to its members. People who have the chance of becoming members of the Healthcare Compliance Association, have access to a repository of over 3000 electronic documents including white papers and documents that pertain to all sorts of government memorandums. The resources of the Healthcare Compliance Association covers the range of challenges faced by healthcare compliance specialists, as well as changing some of the regulatory requirements. The Healthcare Compliance Association also manages a special program that is designed to meet the Organisational Sentencing Guidelines definition of an effective healthcare compliance program.

The Healthcare Compliance Association offers patients the best services and the best treatment, regardless of the disease the patients suffer from. If patients choose to have a health compliance,  they will indeed have to pay a high fee. However, once the patient has the health compliance, s/he will get the best out of it. When it comes to health related problems, everybody should be aware that everything is done to the best of their interest. The healthcare compliance system is perhaps the best aspect of any country, since it provides so many advantages.

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