Man Pleads Guilty In Medicaid Fraud Case

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on May 2013

The healthcare system in the United States is facing a new scandal. It seems that an office manager for a Hammond doctor is guilty with billing Medicaid for patients that didn’t exist in reality. The man pleaded guilty on Wednesday, but he claimed that he did it with the knowledge of his boss, the doctor of that clinic.

The hearing took place at the US District Court in Hammond. Kenneth Robinson, the man accused in the case, pleaded guilty to one count of healthcare fraud. He claimed that in fact, his boss was the one to suggest making the fraud. The man claimed he agreed to it, as no one forced him into submitting more Medicaid claims than the number of patients who enjoyed the medical service in reality.


Kenneth also told the court a story. He claimed that one day the doctor in charge with that medical office did not arrive to work, but asked him to see all patients. He saw 10 patients, but the office submitted claims for more than 40. The identity of the doctor in this case has not been made public.

Under the terms of the law, billing Medicaid for services without the presence of a doctor is illegal. As Kenneth Robinson has approved the plea agreement, he will pay Medicaid $2831 in restitution. Still, the man faces up to 10 years in prison. However, Kenneth will only find out what will happen to him on December 17, when the sentencing hearing is set to take place.

Well, this is not the only Medicaid fraud case that has been made public this month. Another report indicated that a Charlotte man has actually committed a $450,000 Medicaid fraud. The man is now charged with stealing the identities of various children and clinicians, as well as defrauding Medicaid for a huge sum of money. In this case the guilt has been admitted, as well.

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