Important Certifications

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on December 2012

Certifications in the field of healthcare compliance are very important. One of the most known is the Audit Professional Certification. It was designed in a very interesting and useful way.

Another one is the Healthcare Compliance Officer Certification. It is intended for the employee of a healthcare entity who has been given the responsibility of Compliance Officer. Or, it can also be a member of the Compliance Committee.


The CHCC (Certified Healthcare Compliance Consultant) Certification is intended for educators, health consultants, attorneys and any other people who will assist with the development, implementation and training of the Compliance Program.


These certifications are very useful as people will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Perform or coordinate billing and reimbursement and HIPAA audits
  • Information to understand the employer’s responsibilities regarding overtime, exempt employees, worker compensation, and ERISA issues
  • Successfully train others
  • Outline and assess a client’s or employer’s OSHA, LEP, DOT, CLIA, HIPAA, personnel, ERISA, and Billing and Reimbursement compliance
  • Write, evaluate and implement plans for employment policies, HIPAA policies, and Billing and Reimbursement policies


All individuals who have these certifications have the knowledge to complete any challenge that may emerge. Plus, they also have the integrity that allows employers to trust them. Additionally, these people can improve their education year by year, so employers can always expect the best from them.

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