Healthcare Reform Delayed by the House

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on July 2013

The US House of Representatives have decided to delay two provisions of the healthcare reform. The official announcement was made on Wednesday. Requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year is considered to be too complicated at the moment, so the Obama healthcare law may not be approved in its initial form.

The House of Representatives have chosen to delay by one year the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act. The vote was 251-174 to extend the period of all Americans who need to obtain medical coverage until January 1. It seems that the Obama healthcare plan has always been unpopular, as this is not the first vote which has tried to eliminate or change the law in a way or another.


The Obama healthcare law aims to provide coverage to more than 50 million Americans who have no medical insurance. Even though the law seems to be a positive change for the United States, Americans have always remained skeptical about Obama’s plan. Since the moment when the Us President signed the law until today, there have passed no less than 3 years. The recent result of the US House of Representatives vote only fueled more doubts on the efficiency of the healthcare reform plan.

The House of Representatives’ decision to delay by one year the employer mandate came as a surprise. President Obama is set to have a speech on Thursday, so it is about to see what he has to share with the nation, regarding the way things have evolved.

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