Health Care Compliance Programs

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on June 2010

Unfortunately, the days when you could walk in to your local doctor’s office and get a full work up without having anything upfront are long gone. In the ever-changing, always advancing world of medical technology there are many different reasons why financial concerns have taken a front seat to some of the more important issues. However, despite safe-guards and even contractors to ensure that the modern system isn’t taken advantage of, it is. As a result, many facilities and private companies have set up compliance programs to help ensure that state and federal regulations are followed.

These compliance programs, although pulling manpower away from more important tasks, have proved themselves to be reasonably effective in an area that is too poorly enforced. In most cases, these programs ensure that those doctors working for a practice or within a hospital are not abusing the Medicare/Medicaid system and possibly taking advantage of the patients who rely on this form of health care. This helps to create an environment that is not only helpful for doctors, but also for the patients and ensures that the quality of care is still there.

The main purpose of these programs, outside of maintaining compliance with local and federal laws as much as possible, is to ensure that the policies of the facility are not only in line with the laws, but also that they are more clearly defined. This, again, creates an environment where the patients’ quality of care is not sacrificed while also maintaining open lines of communications to and from employees and government employees. In turn, open communication allows for any issues to be brought to the attention of the appropriate person and rectified as quickly as possible.

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