Health Care Compliance Jobs

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on April 2010

When it comes to jobs in the medical field, there are few that are more important than those that help to keep all aspects of health care running smoothly. Many of these jobs are what are known as compliance jobs and are integral to offering patients the highest quality care possible, while also ensuring that the practice will not be fined or otherwise penalized for not following all state and federal regulations exactly.

Many of these jobs lie in the hands of those people who aren’t even directly responsible for the care of patients, such as medical billing specialists and medical assistants who process paperwork. One of the most important jobs, for example, is of the front office clerical workers who process new patient paperwork, update all relevant information and ensure that the whole of the practice runs smoothly. However, this isn’t the only position, but actually one of many that work in tandem to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

Outside of those mentioned already, compliance positions can consist of anything from basic entry level positions all the way up to some executive level posts with a very wide variety of pay grades. For instance, in medical billing, a compliance auditor will review the services provided and the fees billed to the patient and/or their insurance company to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulations, from local laws to federal sanctions. Chief compliance officers, on the other hand, have the sole responsibility for overseeing compliance in their facilities.

Despite all of the dedicated positions to ensure compliance in the health industry, it is necessary for all people to work together to maintain complete compliance. This collective effort and system of checks and balances ensures that there is little room for error and offers the patients the best possible care while also protecting the institution they work for.

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