Health Care Compliance Association

Filled under: Healthcare Compliance on March 2010

The Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) was designed to promote ethical compliance and practice principles among the medical community. They do this with all companies and practices including hospitals, multi-practice firms and even companies that are involved in the medical billing industry. Through the years, the HCCA has accomplished many goals to improve on the treatment of patients.

Nevertheless, the HCCA cannot accomplish everything that they have set out to do in just a few months and still requires the support of its members and the health care community at large. They have made their stance very clear when it comes to ethical terms and, though individual opinions may differ inside HCCA, they do not condemn nor condone controversial practices. Their main goal, with regards to practice methods, is to provide an option for many in the medical field to start using a more standardized method of them and to make sure that they are updated as per the usual changes in legislation and shifts in the mindsets of what is and is not ethical.

To ensure that their members are receiving the very best service that they can provide, the HCCA offers many services to their members. Some of these services promote a more educational environment while others are simply in place to get information out to those who may not otherwise access it. For some people, the most invaluable service that is provided by the Health Care Compliance Association is that they allow their members the proper forum to discuss issues that they see in the field as well as offer them various resources to help repair these problems. These forums come in the form of discussion groups, seminars and even meetings with other groups from around the country that are striving for the same ideals.

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