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Things to Know about Healthcare Compliance Programs

Healthcare providers in all domains implement compliance programs in order to ensure business practice in accordance with compliance program guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. This is a necessary measure due to … Continue reading

To Comply or Not to Comply

The value and purpose of compliance has been longly debated and analyzed. The question is: to comply or not to comply? While compliance is a choice, failing to comply can lead to serious consequences that individuals who fail to comply … Continue reading

The Healthcare Compliance Specialist

Many organizations that work in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals claim that ensuring a healthcare compliance is a very complex process, but it also involves high costs. On the other hand, healthcare compliance specialists have many responsibilities: monitor health … Continue reading

Consider Compliance First

Considering compliance first is more important than what many people usually imagine. If you have no idea what to think compliance first means, you should know that it actually supposes contributing to the forming of a Do the ring thing … Continue reading

Building A Culture of Compliance

Reducing fraud, abuse and waste in the healthcare system is highly important. Having a compliance plan is a must from this point of view, so healthcare providers should be fully committed to such a system. Healthcare is compliant when it … Continue reading

Implement a Healthcare Compliance Program to Protect Your Practice

As the healthcare laws and regulations are constantly changing nowadays, you need to be above them and protect your practice with a healthcare compliance plan that will prevent you from dealing with the government and from mitigating the damage, should … Continue reading

Audits For Healthcare Compliance In Medical Units

When it comes to healthcare compliance, the most important thing for the medical units is that they follow the rules and regulations of the system. There are many ways through which people attempt to cheat the system, in order to … Continue reading

Healthcare Compliance – What You Should Know

Health is the most important thing that every single person possesses. When health is harmed or affected is a way or another, patients need to receive the best medical care possible, the right treatments and the adequate support, to overcome … Continue reading

What Is Healthcare Compliance About

Today’s economy has affected all of us, as the financial crisis is giving everyone a hard time. The medical field makes no exception, since there are numerous healthcare providers who are trying to commit fraud in order to make some … Continue reading

Things to Know About the Health Compliance Association

The Healthcare Compliance Association is a non-profit individual membership association, that provides resources for ethics and compliance professionals in the United States. The Healthcare Compliance Association serves more than 8000 members through all kinds of methods, such as publications, education … Continue reading