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Healthcare Reform Delayed by the House

The US House of Representatives have decided to delay two provisions of the healthcare reform. The official announcement was made on Wednesday. Requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year is considered to be too complicated at the … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the new healthcare reform, has been approved as constitutional by the US Supreme Court. All healthcare providers on the territory of the United States will have to put into effect the terms of … Continue reading

Man Pleads Guilty In Medicaid Fraud Case

The healthcare system in the United States is facing a new scandal. It seems that an office manager for a Hammond doctor is guilty with billing Medicaid for patients that didn’t exist in reality. The man pleaded guilty on Wednesday, … Continue reading

Medical Compliance Training

If you have heard about medical compliance training, but you have no idea what it means and how it works, you should not worry at all. You reached the best place to get properly informed on what medical compliance training … Continue reading

Why Should You Comply

Healthcare compliance is a topic of a high importance nowadays, at least in the United States. As health preoccupies all of us, all changes and regulations in this domain are of a high interest for everyone. Health is without a … Continue reading

Important Information On Healthcare Compliance

The subject of healthcare compliance has always been a controversial one in the United States. And there is no shock in that as our health actually is the most important thing we possess. Taking care of your bodies is highly … Continue reading

Important Certifications

Certifications in the field of healthcare compliance are very important. One of the most known is the Audit Professional Certification. It was designed in a very interesting and useful way. Another one is the Healthcare Compliance Officer Certification. It is … Continue reading

The Importance Of Medical Practice Documents

All documents used within a medical practice, regardless of their type are regulated by state and federal laws. Medical documents may be handled differently depending on two important factors. They are where the practice is located and whether the records … Continue reading

Medicaid Fraud Case Gets Settled

No less than $16 million will be received by North Carolina state from a national Medicaid fraud settlement. The case involves one of the largest drug makers in the United States. Since Abbott Laboratories agreed to pay the money, the … Continue reading

The Importance Of Compliance Planning

Compliance planning is nowadays essential. Compliance planning is mandatory in many industries within the United States and the healthcare system makes no exception from this point of view. All healthcare providers have to build a culture of compliance within their … Continue reading